Member Involvement

Education Series

During the fall semester each year, WBL holds a 101 education series geared toward new members, generally in their freshman or sophomore years, looking to learn more about career opportunities in business. The education series provides overviews of industries that members have historically had the greatest interest in: namely, finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship. The series also reviews professional practices in business, general networking tips, and interview preparation.

Industry Focus Groups

Once new members have completed the education series, they may choose to join an industry focus group, in which they are able to learn in greater detail about a specific industry they find interesting. More experienced WBL members, generally those who have past internship experience in the particular industry of interest, lead the focus groups, providing more industry-specific recruiting and interview tips; organizing more advanced education seminars; and offering more individualized advice in a smaller-group setting.

External Networking

Throughout the school year, and especially during recruiting season, WBL hosts a wide variety of networking events in partnership with our corporate sponsors, all of which are leading firms in consulting, finance, and financial technology. Some external networking events are exclusive to WBL members, while others, particularly those during our WBL Career Week, are open to all MIT students. These events are a great way to learn more about the opportunities available at top firms and connect with current employees.

Internal Networking

In addition to hosting various corporate networking events, WBL also provides numerous internal networking opportunities for current and prospective members. We believe one of the greatest resources available to WBL members is the network they have of other WBL members, who can serve as an advisor, mentor, interview coach, or friend. Through casual coffee chats to club retreats, WBL helps members initiate and maintain connections with one another.